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Recall {Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction}

Title: Recall
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Summary: Some memories never fade.
Pairing: Machi/Pakunoda
Characters: Machi, Pakunoda

It wasn't that they objected to it. It just never happened



When they first met, they eyed each other suspiciously. Pakunoda saw pride and a pretty face and became more uneasy. She forced herself to not look away.  

The two remained like that until Pakunoda took a deep breath and went over to introduce herself. 

Machi relaxed her facial muscles and did the same. 


The Spider's earlier heists barely resembled those of the future. This one had been particularly difficult for them. 

Machi examined the deep gash in Pakunoda's upper arm.

"I can fix it," she said as she began to concentrate her nen to her fingers. She was very pleased with the results of her first sewing job.


For a time, they had shared the same bed. One night, while Machi lay still, Pakunoda's stayed awake with uninvited thoughts. She stared at the ceiling for a time, then let her gaze drop to Machi's back. Her mind suddenly cleared, leaving a single idea that managed to make her even more restless. 

She had never tried her memory reading on an unconscious person. Would it work?

She debated whether to try it or not. Her hand came up slowly, waiting for the decision. It was unreal to see it hovering over Machi's bared shoulder.

In the end, she couldn't bring herself to ask such a simple question.


Machi blew on her freshly painted nails. The light from above her got caught onto the deep purple color and remained attached as she moved her hand from side to side.

"That looks good," Pakunoda said from her side of the couch. "Don't mess it up tonight."

A small smile escaped onto Pakunoda's lips. Machi caught it before looking back down at her hands. 

"I never have."


Chrollo's kidnapping showed who was willing to stick to the rules.

"Go Pakunoda. We'll stop them."

Knowing she had broken those rules with her let made her more confident in her choice.

The fall. The funeral. She could remember those vividly if she needed to.

She also had both her and Pakunoda's memories, but she didn't dwell on them.

The past had called to Pakunoda. Machi looked towards the future.

Tags: fanfiction: hunter x hunter: oneshot
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