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Relevant To My Interests {Hunter x Hunter Ficlet}

Title: Relevant To My Interests
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Summary: Machi's tired of the newest Spider member following her. Too bad she made things worse.
Characters: Hisoka, Machi
Pairing: Hisoka x Machi (one-sided hint with questionable motives which may not even be considered a pairing)
Warnings: Mention of bondage


She’s getting tired of this game, so she stops and says, “Leave me alone.”

His voice descends slowly down the stairs behind her.

“I can’t do that. I like you, Machi.”

She looks up at him from over her shoulder, her face expressionless. The single light bulb over his head, as well as the stage makeup he wears, makes him seem like an actor on stage.

His grin is menacingly playful.

“Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

She answers with a glare before walking towards the door. Her hand is inches away from the handle when she senses him quickly coming up behind her. The hand is pulled back as nen fibers extend from her. Before she is completely turned around, his feet are dangling above the floor and his arms are bound to his sides.

He appears surprised. He flexes against the invisible threads that are wrapped around his body, but can’t break loose.

“Leave me alone,” she says, free hand on her hip.

To her annoyance, he closes his eyes and begins to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

He opens his eyes and fixes them on hers. Once more, a grin comes out. This one is different from the last. All the playfulness is gone.

He makes no effort to hide his lust when he speaks.

“I knew you were interesting.”

A shudder races through the thread and into her body.

Machi’s instincts tell her that she’s made a mistake.


If it wouldn't have broken the mood, the line "a bright light suddenly appeared before his groin" would have been there.

First time writing Hisoka as well as first time (probably) writing a story in present tense. This was a bit of challenge, but I think it turned out okay.


Tags: fanfiction: hunter x hunter: drabble
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Hehe .... You so should've added that line!

I liked, I liked! What was there for me to be brutally honest about ... ?
Yessss. . . Truly one-sided, IC Hisoka/Machi fic is hard to find (Heck, Machi fic is hard to find. The world needs more Machi fic.). You've done it well. ♥
Thank you!

I have yet to find a Hisoka/Machi that hasn't made me hit the backbutton halfway through. I'm hoping I'll stumble on it eventually...